Medical Unit

        The search has been a success, the IMU has sent teams to the right area and those trained searchers have located the missing person. When the search becomes a rescue, the SR3NJ Medical Unit is the next link in the chain of care. Members of the SR3NJ Medical Unit care for the patient during what may be a long carry out, until the patient is handed over to the Ambulance crew for the trip to life saving definitive care.

          Our Medical Unit is made up of EMTs, Ski Patrol OEC Technicians, and above. In addition to having a certificate or EMT credential, these members have demonstrated their ability to perform the skills required to care for a patient. Our medical unit trains on team drills, and has an individual drill every other month. Many members of our medical unit are also part of our Medical Trainer Corps. These individuals work to keep team members proficient in their Wilderness First Aid skills. Our Medical Trainers also teach and assist in the Wilderness First Aid classes which all of our members are required to be current in and teach Wilderness First Aid to Scouts and Scouters, as well as interested members of the public.