Some members of SR3NJ may decide that they would like to give even more, and serve on one or more of our special units. In most cases, membership on special units is restricted to members who have already achieved operational status, though at times, well qualified probationary members, or exceptionally well qualified recruits may be given the privilege of being allowed to train with the special units.

          The exception to this rule is the K9 unit. Due to the extreme commitment that is required to be an Operational K9 Handler, prospective handlers are allowed to attend K9 drills and if they have joined with a K9, they are allowed to work that dog, under close supervision by operational handlers. In exchange for that privilege, they are expected to exceed expectations.

          SR3NJ Leaders understand the commitment that general team membership requires, and all members who train and attend searches are appreciated and respected. There is no requirement that any member ever join a special unit, though all members are required to attend 2 K9 unit drills per year.

          Each of our special units is lead by a Unit Lead, who is a Captain. These individuals have exceptional knowledge and experience and are responsible for building and growing their unit and working with other Captains and with the Chief to develop the team. They are also responsible for furthering their own knowledge and ability to constantly improve the unit and the team as a whole.