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Do you enjoy the outdoors and helping people? If so, Search and Rescue may be right for you. It takes time for training like any other new skill, especially initially, but after that if you have time to attend searches when they happen and can spare one night and a minimum of one weekend day per month for team training, please contact us, for more information.

Other Ways To Help

  1. You could help us with places to train. SR3NJ and our K9s need places to train, you may ask, what are “places”? Well, that is simple, a place is anywhere that a missing person could go if lost, ill, injured, or disoriented.

Examples include;

Shopping Malls, Strip Malls, Farms.

Warehouses, Fenced Properties, Apartment or Condo Complexes.

2. You, or your group may want to join our K9 Hider Corps. If you can spare 4 to 6 hours, occasionally, or even rarely, this would be perfect. It is basically a game of hide and seek, you go in an area, then, the tough part starts. You relax, read a book, watch birds, or listen to a podcast, while the dog handler and the dog look for you. Once you are found you help reward the dog and follow the handlers basic instructions and that is it. You are providing a valuable service to our dogs, and helping them to stay proficient. The dogs need to find all kinds of people, and one thing we are sure of, you are a kind of people.