Hug a Tree / Preventing Search and Rescue

K9 Exepnathos Leads A PSAR Program.

Our Preventing Search and Rescue Program will present either the National Association of Search and Rescue “Hug-A-Tree” program or the Association of National Park Rangers “Lost But Found, Safe And Sound” program.

Our presenters are experienced search and rescue volunteers, we generally have one or more of our K9s present and can tailor the program to audiences ranging from young grade school children to adults.

It is ideal for Scouting groups, public or private schools, library summer education programs, camps, religious youth groups, or any group of people interested in hiking and outdoor safety.

Wilderness First Aid

Some members of our Medical Unit are instructors for the Emergency Care and Safety Institute Wilderness First Aid course, which is approved by the Boy Scouts for high adventure bases.

The BSA has identified the ECIS Wilderness First Aid class which we teach as one of only three recognized programs which meet their criteria for training. If WFA is required for your adventure BSA will require you to obtain a certificate from one of the approved providers. In addition, a current CPR/AED certificate is also needed.

Per BSA, High Adventure Base WFA Requirements

“All four of the BSA high-adventure bases (HAB) require at least one person per trek (two per trek at Philmont Scout Ranch) to be current in WFA through one of the BSA’s approved providers. Of course, having more participants trained in WFA skills is highly recommended for any high adventure or backcountry experience.”


Scouts Practice Searching with an SR3NJ member

Several members of SR3NJ are Eagle Scouts, we valued our time in the Scouts, and realize what a strong foundation in Search and Rescue skills our Scouting background has given us. Our observation is that the very best Search and Rescue members come from the Scouts and maybe, in a few years the youths we see in a SAR Merit Badge class will want to be members of the team. Passing that down to the next generation of Scouts is something we look forward to doing.

It is our honor to be counselors for the Search and Rescue Merit Badge, contact us for details.

We also speak to Scout groups about topics in Emergency Preparedness, Safety, and other related fields including First Aid.

Pet Therapy

SR3 NJ K9s are very social animals, they enjoy meeting the public. If you would like for us to visit a loved one in a hospital, care center, or at home please contact us and we will do our best.

We also come out to talk to groups.